A Local College Wants People with A Job to Come and Talk to Students (2) (1)

A Local College Wants People with A Job to Come and Talk to Students

A local college wants people with a job to come and talk to students about what it is like to work. You would like to come forward and talk to the students about your job.

Write a letter to the principal of the college. In your letter,

  • · explain what you would like to talk about
  • · say why students would be interested in your job
  • · suggest a possible date and time for the talk

Respected Sir or Mam,

I am writing to you in response to a recent advertisement which you gave in a local newspaper. I also confirmed the same on the college website regarding a lecture by an employed person in your college. I would like to take this opportunity to interact and guide the students in their careers.

Stating further, I would like to discuss my professional life, how I started my career ten years ago, what are the necessary points which I need to keep in mind while planning the career path. I would also like to share about the problems which I faced during my whole journey so that they do not have to go through the same. I would love to share every small detail for planning a career that will help them to grow in their life.

I am sure students must be interested in my job once they know me and the position which I hold in my company, how I became the HOD of the company within ten years, despite starting my career from scratch.

I am available on weekdays after 4 pm. Any date is ok for me except weekends. So please feel free to contact me anytime, and I hope we can meet soon.

Thank you

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