As an International Student in Sweden,You Have an Account

As an international student in Sweden, you have an account with a local bank. The monthly bank transfer you receive from your parents has been delayed this month due to an error at your parent’s bank.

  • Introduce yourself and ask for a loan.
  • Say why you need the money.
  • Tell how you intend to pay back the money.

Dear Sir,

I am Vikas, one of the loyal customers at your bank. Well, I enrolled in a course named Masters in commerce and every month, I receive payment from my parents to pay off university fees and bear daily expenses. However, this month I have not received it since there is some technical glitch in my parent’s bank. Therefore, I am writing to seek a short term loan from your bank for the required fund.

Since it is my last term, I have to clear all dues to attain a registration number, which is mandatory for appearing in exams. Unfortunately, this month I am out of balance as such unable to pay expenditures.

After receiving this loan, I could pay all my debts and finish this course smoothly. It will not be difficult for me to pay the instalments, as I already have a placement. Else I can pay from the money that I will receive every month from my parents.

I hope for optimistic feedback from you and will be grateful for your sincere help.

Yours Faithfully,

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