Big Companies Should Provide Sports and Social Facilities for Local Communities

Big companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Large industrialists should strive to build up some sporting amenities for the underprivileged. I strongly support this for many reasons but would like to mention two fundamental reasons in this essay.

The underprivileged community lack the basic infrastructure and resources due to poverty, although it is rich in talent and passion. The children especially residing in slums or labour camps, hardly have food and shelter to survive, but some are extremely talented. Even if they wish to participate in any sporting event, they cannot due to the inaccessibility of basic resources. In 2000, a sports teacher in Delhi spotted such group of children who were playing on the streets with one rubber ball. The teacher brought them to the school ground and provided a football kit, and down the line, after a few years of practice and guidance, this football team turned out to be the best team in the town, winning several trophies.

The other reason is although it’s the job of the government to come up with such programs to assist the upcoming talents, due to several reasons like corruption and lack of funds, they fail miserable many times. For instance, the local municipality in 1998 built a football ground in Pune city. Initially, for a few years, it continued to serve, but due to lack of funds and proper maintenance, it was left in ruins and today turned out to be a dwelling place for slums. If it was supported by some financial aid, it could have been a better place today.

To conclude, many such talents go unnoticed. If the rich industries provide infrastructure and amenities, these children can win trophies and can even participate in major sporting events like Asian Games or Olympics. They are making the nation proud of them for their achievements.

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