Describe a Cafe that You like to Visit

Describe a cafe that you like to visit

  • What cafe it is,
  • Where it is,
  • How often do you go there,
  • Why do you like to visit the café

Sample Answer of Describe a Cafe that You like to Visit

I am a vegetarian, and being a vegetarian, you have very limited choices, especially if you are staying in the middle east. When I was in Dubai, there was a vegetarian restaurant in bur Dubai named Vaibhav restaurant. My apartment was opposite that restaurant. I was working there, so cooking every day was not possible for me, so my dinner and breakfast was fixed from this restaurant on a daily basis. I love all the dishes; they are super yummy, especially the parathas.

Follow-ups Describe a Cafe that You like to Visit.

Question 1. What kind of people would like to go to a cafe?

Answer –  It depends on the mood. If I am in a good mood, I love going out with my colleague, and I hate going out with my husband because we end up fighting all the time for silly things. Most of the time, I prefer going alone and enjoying quality time with myself.

Question 2. Why do young people like studying in a cafe instead of at home?

Answer – Younger generations have a much more fascinating life as compared to older people. And also, there are such facilities available these days before it was not. Group studies are in trend these days.

Question 3. Do older people like to drink coffee?

Answer – I believe in India older people are fond of tea more than coffee, especially the masala tea which they love a lot. But if we talk about other countries, coffees are in trend in all generations.

Question 4. Do Indian people like to drink coffee?

Answer – Yes, the younger generations enjoy coffee a lot. There are lots of different varieties of coffees available in the market these days.

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