Describe a Garden or Park You Remember

Describe a Garden or Park You Remember

  • Where was it?
  • What it looked like?
  • What you did there?
  • And explain why you liked the park?

Sample Answer of Describe a Garden or Park You Remember

yeah, I would like to talk about the place I visited last week, the Garden. The garden’s name isAburi National park as the place it is located is called Aburi. I went to the park with my friends on 25th December last week. The park had a playground, different varieties of flowers and herbs, the tallest trees etc. I have seen many foreigners visit this park. I personally had a chance to interact along with them. At the same time, My friends started to take photographs. We tasted the local fruits along with honey. I still remember the taste. Later in the evening, we had a chat and left the park around 6 pm. Still, I remember the beautiful place and the noises of tiny birds. It’s a wonderful experience.

Follow-ups Describe a Garden or Park You Remember.

Question 1) What is the importance of the Garden in our life?

Answer – Yes, it is essential for our livelihood. Without breath, we cannot live, and trees are making that one possible. In Gardens, we can see many trees, and we need to preserve the trees and Gardens.

Question 2) What do people do when they go to a public Garden?

Answer – it mainly depends on when people visit the garden. If we normally notice in the garden in the early morning and evening, the middle-aged people will come to the park to do the regular exercises. In the afternoon, it will be a hub for sales representatives.

Question 3) Do you think there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

Answer – not exactly. In a recent survey, it is said that there should be a park for every 5 km, but in my city, we don’t have one. But now, the government has taken the initiative to construct a park to meet the public requirements.

Question 4) How do people of different age groups use public Gardens?

Answer – As I said earlier, young people and middle-aged people will come in the morning and evening to do their regular exercises. Afternoon college students or school students will come to the garden by bunking the class. Evening time many family people come along with their families to enjoy the weather.

Question 5) What age group normally visits parks?

Answer –  All ages visit the garden, but in particular, 15 to 25 people visit the park more. This is because they are school or college going students. When they aren’t interested in attending class, they will directly come to the park to just chill.

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