Describe a Houseapartment that Someone You Know Lives In (4) (1)

Describe a House/apartment that Someone You Know Lives In

Describe a house/apartment that someone you know lives in. You should say:

  • whose house/apartment this is
  • where the house/apartment is
  • what it looks like inside
  • and explain what you like or dislike about this person’s house/apartment.

Sample Answer of Describe a House/apartment that Someone You Know Lives In

Here I wish to talk about a villa, where I got a chance to dwell for a month last year. This facility belongs to my company manager. It is situated in the posh city of Mumbai and is surrounded by luxurious villas and a beautiful pool. It is in the midst of a flowery garden. It has ample covered parking space and a private porch to relax.

The villa is four bedrooms with separate baths and a hidden kitchen. The hall consists of a dining area, and one side has a glassy door that opens into a small balcony connected to the garden. The Living room has modern lighting and is equipped with cooling and heating devices. Entertainment tools like television and sound system are included in the living room. Among all the rooms, the cornered room with a quiet atmosphere is the study room. It has a mini library and a study table. The library has many collections, which are a joy to the reader. This was one of the best places I liked in the villa. The room is soundproof. So you don’t get disturbed when you are working or engrossed in a long read. The other place I liked most was the garden. The morning breakfast the outdoor is one thing I was very pleased with. Surrounded by nature with relaxing breeze and sound of the birds and cool shade of trees you won’t get in busy cities.

There was nothing I disliked about the house except the maintenance cost. The bills to maintain are exhorbent. The place has its own private maintenance company, they incudes all the charges to maintain and keep the place serin in its beauty.

Follow ups Describe a House/apartment that Someone You Know Lives In

Question 1:- What kinds of homes are most popular in your country? Why is this?

Answer – Because I come from a third world country, the houses mostly are private with a little kitchen garden or space that’s in the villages and small towns. The cities are flooded with buildings and mostly has apartment due to space constraints.

Question 2:- What do you think are the advantages of living in a house rather than an apartment?

Answer – There are several benefits to residing in a house compared to apartments. Houses have privacy and space of their own. Like the front and back portion of the land. Whatever size it is. It matters because it gives them the freedom to plant trees or park their own vehicles depending on their own needs. The house can be redesigned or furbished because the walls and other areas are independent and do not constrain others.

Question 3:- Do you think that everyone would like to live in a larger home? Why is that?

Answer – I feel most of us would like to dwell in a larger house. Primarily due to the reason that it gives freedom and privacy. With larger space comes luxury. We would not be worried about the new amenities to squeeze in.

Question 4:- How easy is it to find a place to live in your country?

Answer – It depends where one wishes to stay. If village it is easy and affordable. If a small town, then it comes with little cost. But if it is a city, then extremely difficult. The cities are crowded and often very expensive.

Question 5:- Do you think it’s better to rent or to buy a place to live in? Why?

Answer – There is no more joy in owning a house than renting a unit. House is a place where you have all privacy and freedom. It is one kind of asset which can be owned by generation. The rented apartment at the end belongs to the owner. If any alterations, only the owner has the right. Owning a house you can change as per your wish, not bothering the permission of any.

Question 6:- Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents? Why is that?

Answer – According to my once a youth is able to provide for himself, he or she should opt to stay out. It could be somewhere in the early 20s. This is because he will have his own choices to make and should be able to support himself financially, rather than being a burden on his parents. Parents can support in times of sickness in dire need of financial but not all life. I think it all depends on the parents. They should instil this self-sufficient model from early childhood. The flip side of the coin is either will be independent, not influenced by their decisions. Therefore, once young adult attains a certain age, they should move out and continue to support their parent externally.

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