Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well

Describe a lesson that you remember well; You should say

  • When was it?
  • Where was it?
  • What do you do?
  • What does your teacher do?
  • Why was It special?

Sample answer of Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well

Well, there is very common to get confused in any chapter or u find it a little better here. Would I like to tell u about one of the lessons we remembered?

When I was a student, I took economics as an optional subject in commerce. I take economics to learn more about the market because I want to open my own business in the future.

One day our economics teacher was absent due to sicknesses, and Mr Kakkar was appointed as a teacher to take care of our class. Mr Kakkar is a retired bank cashier, and he studied accountancy and business studies. He asked us which economics subject did u find tough; without any hesitation, I said it demanded a chapter, and I was shocked to know every classmate found it tough because my class teacher had already finished this chapter and wanted to take the test that chapter.

So Mr Kakkar explains everything about that topic with interesting examples. The demand chapter played a very important role in the economics paper, and many questions come from this chapter. The way of Mr Kakkar explained each factor was awesome. On Monday, when our class teacher takes the test, we demand a chapter. I got very good marks. All thanks to Mr Kakkar, who explains the demand chapter interestingly. I still remember each things about the demand chapter.

Follow-ups of Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well

Question 1:- What can people do to help themselves remember information for their everyday needs?

Answer- Well, people can do many things to remember any information like they can note on a simple page or the diary or set the alarm on the phone.

Question 2:- What do you think of people using calendars to remind themselves of things?

Answer- People use calendars to remember the days’ names and dates of traditional festivals. Moreover, Calendars also help to know the public holidays of the country.

Question 3:- What kind of things do people forget easily?

Answer- To be honest, People forget the person’s name, place or schedule or meeting. Moreover, they forget to take important work files or study books due to hurry.

Question 4:- How can people improve their memory?

Answer- Well, people can eat things like almonds or cashew. They can read things repeatedly, which helps them remember things more easily.

Question 5:- What do sometimes people forget things they don’t want to do?

Answer- To be honest, Some people are habitual doing things like smoker always smoking cigarettes or birds, but they have done this to addiction, so I think they should take some medicine to cure this issue.

Question 6:- Which do you think is more important to remember, a business meeting or a meeting with a friend?

Answer- Well, I think both job and friend are important, but I think the individual should more focus on a business meeting because it has more bad effect if they forget it.

Question 7:- Why is it difficult for some people to remember things?

Answer- Well, it’s tough for some people to remember things because of their laziness or a short memory.

Question 8:- What kind of people is more forgetful?

Answer- Well, some individuals easily forget about birthday dates or Anniversary dates. Employees forget to take the launch box in a hurry or sometimes an important work-related file.

Question 9:- In what situations is it important to remember information very well?

Answer- I think the individual should always remember the birthday days and other important days. Employees should always check every document before leaving for the office.

Question 10:- Which is better for keeping childhood memories, photos or videos?

Answer- Well, both videos and photos have their benefit and limitations, but pics can be more useful, like we can make a photo album of them or put pics on the wall.

Question 11:- Can people rely on their memory when recalling events from the past?

Answer- Yes, they can rely on their memory to remember the past events, or they can see past events pics if they had captured that situation.

Question 12:- Do you think keeping a diary can create false memories?

Answer- No, I don’t think keeping a diary can lead to false memories. We always wrote daily thoughts in the diary to remember those moments for a long time.

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