Describe a Person Who You Think Wears Unusual Clothes

Describe a person who you think wears unusual clothes

  • Who this person is,
  • How you know this person,
  • What his/her clothes are like,
  • Why do you think his/her clothes are unusual

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who You Think Wears Unusual Clothes

Here I’m going to talk about my friend from the university. It has been 3 years since we met, and I was attracted to him at the first eyesight. The only reason for it was his dressing sense. Immediately I approached him, and we had a joyful day. We interacted a lot and especially about the new patterns of clothing. Most of the time I’ve seen him in some funky look which incorporated with bright shining colours which were more eye-catchy also somedays he used to wear various jackets. The point which distinguishes his clothes from others is the trend which he invents and as well as follows them. In the talk with him, I got to know the place named Fashion Street from where he buys the clothes as only unique patterns are sold there and also cheap, which was more shocking for me. From that day, my perspective of dressing changed, which ultimately changed my appearance.

Follow ups Describe a Person Who You Think Wears Unusual Clothes

Question 1:- Where do People normally buy clothes?

Answer – Being on the fence and answering this question, particularly in my city people with high salaries often prefer to buy clothes in malls or in recognised shops while some them buy clothes in the local market.

Question 2:- The difference between men’s and women’s choices of clothes?

Answer – My take on this, women have more choices than men though some men acquire dark colour clothes while women choose to wear bright colours.

Question 3:- Do clothes affect people’s moods?

Answer – To some extent, I agree with this statement, as sometimes colours of clothes trigger moods. For instance, last night, my mom wore dark pink colour, Kurti, but from the start, she was nervous as she felt her skin tone was getting a bit darker due to Kurti’s colour.

Question 4:- What do people consider when buying clothes?

Answer – Nowadays, people seem to buy simple yet attractive colour clothes which suit their skin tone, to exemplify in recent Ganesh Chaturthi I bought new clothes inclusive of cream colour chinos and maroon colour hand fold kurta.

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