Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard

Describe a piece of international news you have just recently heard; You should say

  • What is the news about?
  • Where and when do you hear it?
  • What were you doing when you heard the news?
  • Explain how you felt about this piece of international news?

Sample Answer of Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard

Per hour plethora of action occurs; some news wisdom is good while some are bad. Some news affects the community or specific territory. However, international news has connections with the human race. Today, I would like to talk about the time when I heard lockdown wisdom in India. It was nearly one year ago, Indian pm Narendra Modi gave a speech and declared 60 days lockdown. In that corona pandemics, in India, many people tested positive, and cases of corona had been slightly rosing. Corona is likely a virus that is spread by laymen.

At that time, I had just completed my college final year exam; thus, I planned to go to Simla Manali for a holiday with my friends. However, the next day I watched our prime minister speech; that time, I was packing my luggage and pivotal stuff. At that time I felt very bad because I couldn’t go on making holiday, but after some time I realized the main purpose of it. That lockdown was for public safety; at that time, my uncle was out of state and due to lockdown, they lived out of home for 60 days. Hopefully, this lockdown was beneficial for our citizens; after that, cases of corona had fallen.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard

Question 1:- What is your newspaper reading style?

Answer:- I start reading periodically by front page because pivotal or big news is always found there, firstly I read headlines then if I found it us interesting topic then I read there content otherwise move to another news. Moreover, Some people only show images and read-only headlines.

Question 2:- Do you think international reading news is important?

Answer:- Both domestic and international are crucial; international news tells us what’s going on around the world as well as acknowledge worldwide. For instance, international news provides developed countries. Currency rate, Which is beneficial for many people whose work or job is related or connected with that currency.

Question 3:- News that you have described do you think it will impact the world? If yes, then how?

Answer:- Without any doubt yes, news affects people thoughts, ideas as well as behaviour. News is a pivotal part of mankind.

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