Describe a Place You Visited on Vacation

Describe a place you visited on vacation; You should say

  • Where this place was,
  • What you did there,
  • Whom you went therewith,
  • Why do you like this place

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Visited on Vacation

Today I am going to speak about a place where I went on holiday. The name of the place is Manali. It’s a hill station located in Himachal Pradesh, a state in northern India.

I went to Manali last year with my family. Since it is quite far, approximately 800 kilometres, from my hometown Ahmedabad, we decided to set off on Friday night. It was a very long drive, about 12 hours. We reached there on Saturday morning. Manali has a lot to offer to its tourists of all ages. For the elderly and religious people, there are many ancient temples. Young adventure seekers have a wide range of sporting activities like skiing, snowmobiling, rafting, river crossing, trekking and paragliding etc., at their disposal.

On the first day of our holiday, we trekked through a dense cedar forest to reach Hadimba temple. It is the oldest temple of Manali and has a lot of religious significance in the local community. The next day we went to Solang Valley. Fortunately, we found plenty of snow in the valley. Without wasting our time, we made a small but very pretty igloo. We took photographs of all the places we visited.

This place has impressed me very much. The main reason is its pleasant weather. Apart from that, people are honest, friendly and cooperative. They always give you the right information. Transport facilities and hotels are also well-maintained.

Follow ups Describe a Place You Visited on Vacation

Question 1. What are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country?

Answer – In my country, there are many attractive places like the Taj Mahal, and also they can visit Jaipur city where there are historical constructions. They can also pay a visit t Delhi if they are interested in shopping.

They can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in Shimla or Manali too.

Question 2. where the weather is cold, and there is plenty of delicious food.

Answer – The weather in my country is quite pleasant. we have a temperate climate, so its never boiling hot in the summer or freezing cold in weather

Question 3. Do old people and young people like to go to different places for vacation?

Answer – Yes, young people like going to cool and mountain places. When old people like devotional places and famous temples then can go to this place because of relaxation and peace of mind.

Question 4. How do people get to know about new places

Answer – If you really want to know a new place, take a leap and gain experience. Whether it’s through a study abroad, sabbatical, internship, extended vacation, volunteer experience or an actual move, spending an extended amount of time somewhere new will add to your appreciation and understanding.

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