Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution. (1)

Describe a Place You Visited that Has Been Affected by Pollution

Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution.

You should say:

  • Where is it?
  • When you visited this place?
  • What kind of pollution do you saw there?
  • And explain how this place was affected?

Sample Answer Describe a Place You Visited that Has Been Affected by Pollution

I would like to speak about visited the place affected by pollution. It was about a year ago, I visited the vegetable market of my town, and it is located near Kirti stamp in Vadodara. I went there to purchase vegetables, but at that time, I received a bad smell in the market, so I asked the shopkeeper why this bad smell received. He told me it was waste vegetables put in one place. No one can clean it, so I visited that place and saw some different wasted vegetables. Their horrible smell received, and the smell spread surrounded all the market, so I write a letter to the municipal commissioner about this dirty place. After one day, they came and cleaned it.

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Question 1.What kind of pollution is serious in your country?

Answers:-There are different types of pollutions, but one of the most serious pollutions is air pollution because it affected the whole environment & sometimes it’s affected on our routine seasons, it’s like global warming, and without season you can see changes in the atmosphere, like in winter you see the rainy season.

Question 2.What can individuals do to protect our environment?

 According to my, I do grow more trees in my surrounding area and also in my house compound and use of fewer vehicles.

Question 3.Do you think individuals should be responsible for pollution?

Answers:-i think yes, our individual perspective very important because of our excessive use of private cars and we cannot plant trees & our day by day our population increase and require land and some other facilities, we cut the tree & destroy the forest.

Question 4.Why is there a need to involve the government in environmental protection?

Answers:-Government needs to interfere in environmental protection because they should get awareness in public and they give some attractive scheme regard save the environment.

Question 5. Why people throw waste material on roads?

Answers:- I think people know very well, but they don’t take the initiative and do it without thinking; however, they don’t know about the side effect of waste materials throw on roads and one day it gets back to return and face it that time they don’t have an answer about it.

Question 6. How can the government encourage people to keep their cities clean?

Answers:- As per me, the government should start some incentive programs, schemes and sometimes they arrange awareness programs in different types of places so people aware, what is important to clean our town and why we need to save trees and don’t spread pollutions and save our planet.

Question 7.what do you think is a good idea or bad idea to Establish limited factories in a city?

Answers:- According to me, it is a good idea for our city because they give employment and develop the town but, as well, we should follow strict environmental rules, and they don’t follow them get a penalty.

Question 8. Whenever you visit this place, do you throw litter On-Road?

Answers:-Never, because I know what is important for our environment and always I maintain myself to any wastage or useless item throw into the dustbin.

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