Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had; You should say:

  • When and where it happened,
  • Why you were surprised,
  • Who gave this surprise to you,
  • Why you felt about it afterward 

Sample Answer of Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Surprises are always pleasant, and in fact, the surprises are made to make the people feel amazed. Commonly the surprises are made by the near and dear ones, and in my case, it was the same. In December 2019, when I was leaving the organization and I was planning to join the new organization, Who are work the latest technology.

Generally, I have seen during handover in organization people are behaving very bad manner whether they have worked long with you. During the transition, no one wanted to talk to me because they didn’t want to leave the organization, but my career perspective was that it was a good time to leave the company and look forward better position in another company.

On the last day in the company, one of my colleagues gave me a surprise party; I was also shocked because all members of my team did not talk from last month and suddenly gave leaving treat .so that day we went outside for lunch, and my team member ask me what would like to eat, and give me a menu and say whatever you want to eat chose we all eat the same food and he said all money would pay team member.

After coming back to the office, my project manager and team appreciated me and gave me one award, which was an appreciation award. Further, he admires me you are the best employer of our company if you want to come back organization will always welcome to you.

After getting awards and people admire my work as well appreciate me. I felt like I have privileged. It is still the most pleasant surprise I have ever had, which reminds me of my efforts toward the employer, which make me happy.

Follow-ups Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Question 1. Why do friends meet up?

Answer – To be honest, There is no doubt that friendships play a vital role in our life. They make our lives interesting and wonderful. They help us develop a sense of sharing, whether they are tangible things or just inspirational. However, I do not understand any specific reason to meet my friends. I seem if you have any reason to meet with your friend, then it’s not a friendship. It’s like you take care of me; I will take care of you.

Question 2. Are there any meetings that people need to plan in advance?

Answer – Yes, there are many meetings that people need to plan in advance, such as job interviews, business meetings, and visiting outside. It all depends on the situation and time.

Question 3. Are there any jobs related to unexpected things?

Answer – Yes, there are certain jobs related to unexpected things, such as surprise party planners, and also, the job of surgeons is a little uncertain.

Question 4. Do unexpected things lead to progress in our society?

Answer – Yes, people like scientists and researchers work to make new discoveries of medicines and do other useful research for the betterment of the country, such as making missiles.

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