Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Describe a Positive Change in Your Life; You should say:

  • What the change was about
  • When it happened
  • Describe details of the change that happened
  • And describe how it affected you later in life.

Sample Answer of Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Well, when change comes mostly, it gets people out of their comfort zone; it’s not always that easy to accept change. So, today l will talk about the time when l witnessed positive change in my life. It was thirteen years ago when l joined the defence force; I left my hometown of Chinhoi in the southeast of Zimbabwe to stay in the military camp, 200kms away from my parents, after six months under strict and intense recruit training. I didn’t think this would be a positive change at first because l think it’s everywoman’s dream to work in an office where you get to put on high heeled shoes, and now and then you treat yourself to a manicure and get those elegant nails, which is not the case with the uniformed forces. You do not get to enjoy all those luxuries because of the nature of the job. Fine, why l say it was the best move ever because the training taught me a great deal of endurance and discipline; it taught that for anyone to live their dream, they must move out of their comfort zone. In that way, you get to grab different chances for a better lifestyle and all the glamour you dream of. So, here l am today, standing as a strong woman who could pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, which l never thought would happen before l joined the force. Still, an opportunity was created in another way that l never thought existed.

Follow-ups Describe a Positive Change in Your Life.

Question 1. How is your country changing?

Answer – My country has witnessed many changes in most of the sectors that run the economy, for example, growth in tourism, mining and agriculture. They have introduced the latest farm equipment, such as the Pivot, which assists in irrigation, opening up new airports and buying new planes since the tourism industry is expanding at unprecedented rates. Of course, l won’t forget to mention the changes in technology that are continuously happening and the introduction of platforms like Zoom; I think everything has gone digital in our country.

Question 2. What changes have smartphones brought to our lives?

Answer – Smartphones have saved us a lot of hassle, we are now able to convey urgent messages, in the past, you needed to board a bus or travel at night to make sure news reached its purported destination before the dawn of a new day, that all has been rectified, Besides that people can now work from home using their smartphones because they have all they require, for example, you can type edit and send documents on different platforms using Microsoft word on your phone and its even cheaper that way.

Question 3. Do you think people working from home would be a positive change?

Answer – Especially given the Covid pandemic, l think it would reduce numbers and transmission rate and ensure that the economy continues to prosper regardless. Besides, it would cut down costs on uniforms and money spent on teas and lunch.

Question 4. Do you think people’s work in the future will be heavily affected by technology?

Answer – Yes, that’s an absolute one, a lot of people l think will become redundant shortly, we are moving to an age where everyone will become tech-savvy, and might not need that personal assistant to do the typing for me, or l will tell my computer to write a report for me, or maybe robots with artificial intelligence will replace the humans in all places of work even in engineering, who knows?

Question 5. Compare the pace of technological progress in the past and the present?

Answer – It could be a difficult one to answer, but l think it’s now moving at a remarkable rate. If this had happened some five or ten decades back, we wouldn’t witness a human being going to work at all; everyone would have been laid off, including the teachers, drivers, or even the Presidents, who knows what we are going to wake up to one of these days, with these enormous strides that technology is taking. L think in the past, not a lot of people knew about technology or were educated. It required one who had in-depth knowledge, acumen and intelligence to invent or prove an idea; nowadays, they are a lot or can l say people are working in groups coming up with new designs. The efforts of a group of people are appreciated that way, unlike in the past when one guru was appreciated for the huge accomplishment. Also, l think many different inventions or creations are cropping up at an alarming speed each day, as there is a great deal of competition as everyone tries to outdo the other. Everyone wants a huge following and enormous profits.

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