Describe a Situation when You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/Cell Phone

Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone

  • Where was it?
  • When was it?
  • Why were you not allowed?
  • What did you want to do with your cell phone?

Sample Answer of Describe a Situation when You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/Cell Phone

Smart phones and smart gadgets have become an integral part of everyone’s life and I would go far to say that we can not leave for an hour without them so I had this wonderful opportunity to attend breath and meditation workshop for three days in January 2021 so after the first wave of COVID-19 in which I also unfortunately got affected I decided to enroll in this workshop in this in which they promised to improve our lung capacity and they also teach few of the breathing patterns and meditation I was really keen about this workshop from last one year but didn’t get chance because of COVID-19 situation to do it so on the first day our teacher instructed us that we cannot use our smartphone in the entire workshop I was awestruck by this instruction but as I decided to attain this workshop I followed the guidelines and I gave my smartphone and everything to the volunteers in in on the first day I was really feeling bored because I was not having WhatsApp Instagram or Facebook on my palm and I was not able to connect to my friends or my wife but as the time passed on the second day I was attending the deep relaxation and the Peace of Mind which was amazing so by the end of this workshop I was not in in the mood to use the smartphone I was enjoying the company of myself and it really helped me to increase my lung capacity and I was high in my spirit due to which it help me to be more productive in my work life so you know sometimes you have to find quality amount of time to spend with yourself not only it will benefit the health but it will also improve crativity through which we can climb many corporate leaders.

Follow-ups Described a Situation when You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/Cell Phone.

Question 1. What’s the effect of the mobile phone?

Answer:-Well mobiles have always been a blessing to the entire humankind, especially in this COVID-19 situation where families are not able to meet their near and dear ones, but there are many side effects because of the overuse of social media sites, and the Internet like youngsters who are addictive to the mobile are suffering from life-threatening diseases such as thumma or hypertension many older people who are using this smart gadget are addictive, and they keep on watching YouTube videos due to which they also feel lethargic by the end of the day.

Question 2. Why young people want Expensive mobile phones?

Answer:-I think expensive mobile phones like iPhone or one plus have a great user experience, and their features, like cameras random access memory, are outstanding many people, especially youngsters, use them for playing the dynamic player or multiplayer games. They also use them for being active on social networking sites.

Question 3. What’s the smartphone utilized the most for?

Answer:-Well, this is a brainer mostly smartphones are being utilised for accessing social media networks and the Internet. Few people also use them for business purposes like stockbrokers. Older adults use them to talk to their long distant relatives and friends.

Question 4. What’s your view about selfies?

Answer:-Well, it is an outstanding technology through which if we are exploring a place where no other person is available to capture some snaps, we can do it by ourselves. I can relate this to myself because my wife on my honeymoon and I explored the beach dedicated to us in the Maldives, so there was number one to capture a picture on the beautiful seaside. Still, we capture really good selfies of both of us so we can cherish those moments forever.

Question 5. What’s your view on buying an expensive phone?

Answer:-I think recently many companies have introduced many cheaper phones as well which comprises many features like good camera good random access memory and the overall performances of such phones are really promising, so it is no need to buy expensive phones unless you really require to multi-task are you are running a business like a stockbroker through your smartphones so I do not support buying expensive phones rather than that we can buy two or three phones in five years at the same price. We can experience new phones every two years in this way.

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