Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

You should say
What is it?
How did you learn it?
How can you teach others this skill?
And, How do you feel about this skill?

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Everybody has different skills, and they have a good command of their skills. And the skill that I am going to talk about his music. Music is, you can say, my life. It teaches me the way how to live. When I was in class 6th, I took music, but I was not good at music. I was also not able to sing properly, but the teacher helped me a lot. She had an excellent command of the music. Her teaching style was unique to the other teachers, and she always makes me teach like children. I am an IT professional, and whenever I  got time in the evening, I scheduled my music classes. Many students age 15 to 21 come to my classes and learn music. I don’t take money from them; I just want to let them know the place of music in life. I always respect music, so in my opinion, taking money for the thing you respect is disrespect of music. Music is very motivating for me. It always relaxes my mind and takes me out of stress. It always fresh my mind.

Follow-Ups Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Question 1. Should teachers be funny when they teach students?

Yes, wherever it is needed. Sometimes the curriculum is so boring that kids take no interest in understanding and studying, but when the teacher modify its teaching techniques and make it funny, it will make them learn. 

Question 2. What qualities should an ideal teacher have?

An ideal teacher consists of many qualities, but I want to tell you about some qualities which are must in ideal teacher you should respect other teachers value all the students even the student is intelligent, or he should not give preference to one of her favourite students in the class and give the opportunity to hole of the class to take participate in 

Question 3. Do you think are most important are practical skills or academic skills?

Both skills are important at their place. Without knowing academic skills, you will have little knowledge of how to execute them, and without having practical knowledge, you will not be able to execute.

Question 4. What is the best age for you to start learning something?

There is no such thing as an aged person, or a young person is willing to learn anything then they can make a willingness then nobody can stop them from doing that.

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