Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Describe a time you had to learn the words of something (e.g. a poem or a song) and then say or sing it from memory. You should say:

  • Where you were
  • Who was listening to you
  • What you had to say or sing,
  • And explain how you felt about saying or singing something you had learnt.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

I like reading poetry in my free time, and I have acquired quite a few collections of poems from my parents in English as well as in my native language Punjabi. I vividly remember the few lines of a poem that goes Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sing the tune without the words and never stop at all. These are the lines from the first stanza of the poem Hope is the thing with feathers which famous English poet Emily writes. I was introduced to this poem by my mother.

My mother was a teacher, and now she is a housewife, and she also likes to read poems, books. She also encourages my siblings and me to read more books and poetry to enhance our skills. In my childhood, I had lost my dog, namely Sikander, in a roadside accident. I couldn’t stop crying, and that time, my mother came to me and tried to feel me better, and she told me that our pet would be in a better place of god. My mother read me this poem to sleep and wake up the next morning feeling lighter in the night.

This poem is very important for me because this poem is the first poem that builds my interest in reading poems and helps me connect with my parents more and the world of literature. This poem pushed me to read and write and also enhance my skills of imagination.  Whenever I read this poem, I feel the need to stay calm, and it also provides me with a sense of relief; and whenever I am feeling low, I read this poem, and I am reminded of my mother loves that has made me a stronger person I am today.

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