Describe Difficult Decision of Your Life

Describe Difficult Decision of Your Life

Sample Answer of Describe Difficult Decision of Your Life

Well, I belong to a joint family, and by the grace of God, my grandfather and my grandmother are running a restaurant. Although and most of the time after school. My mother is a teacher of mathematics. My mother always forces me to study in an overseas country with a major in mathematics during my education.

But I want to learn two other subjects, the techniques of hospitality and cooking. Certainly, they always got irritated with me when I spend most of the time enjoying hobbies. Also, I went to my grandfather’s restaurant to learn the techniques of cooking. To add to it, I was watching numerous cooking therapies and cooking channels as well. Gradually, I love to do that because I want to run my grandfather restaurant forever. Probably, I went to pursue my bachelors in hospitality management.

Luckily, I clear my high school with good grades. My family members were highly elated by that movement. Actually, the major problem was that what should I do in the future. Certainly, one day my parents arrange a meeting more likely that consist of all family members.

In actuality, in this meeting, they gave me suggestions and guidelines. I requested them to allow me to do what I wanted to do. At last, my father and my mother were favoured to me to join my grandfather’s restaurant. I tend to pursue my bachelor us in hospitality management gratefully. That was a positive change in my life.

Last but not least, that wasn’t easy to discuss that I was made with the collaboration of my family members.

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