Describe a enjoyable day that you spent in countryside

Describe a enjoyable day that you spent in countryside

You should say:

  • When and where you went?

  • Who you went with?

  • What you did there?

  • and explain how much you enjoyed it?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Well, I visit number of places with family and friends too. Today, I have asked to talk about a enjoyable day that I spent in countryside. So, I would like to talk about a day when I went to Manali with my family, couple of months ago. I think it is the perfect place undeniably to get peace and relaxation as well. I was glad to decide this place and excited to go there because I heard number of exciting things about this place.

Moreover, We booked a cab of 9 seats for 2 days as there are 6 members in my family. And we packed our luggage with all the comfortable things. We started our journey at early morning and visited lots of temples in the way. Finally, we reached our destination after 9 hours journey. All were looking excited and refresh after watch the beauty of that place. Firstly, we checked in hotel as we booked the rooms before. After getting some meal, we went to the main Market of Manali known as Mall road which was lightens with number of lights and looked so beautiful at night.

Describe a enjoyable day that you spent in countryside

Furthermore, there were a lot rush on the Mall Road. All were feeling wondering after watching these different ways of lifestyle. At the mid night, we went back to our hotel rooms and took a rest. In the next morning we went to watch the beauty of nature by wandering around the jungles. We all did number of things over there like skydiving, took photographs, climbing on the trees which is my favorite thing from childhood. I must say, all this, refreshed my childhood memories. After this we went to historical places like temples, church etc. In the evening, we did a lot shopping and came back to hotels so that we can go back to the home in the night. Everyone enjoyed a lot and happy to visit this place. All this made my day beautiful and added in to my beautiful memories.

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