Describe an occasion where everybody smiled/laughed

Describe an occasion where everybody smiled/laughed

You should say:

  • What happened?

  • When it happened ?

  • Who were there?

  • and explain why everyone smiled/ laughed?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. According to me, smile is the best make up that we can wear and it is the only thing that make anyone’s day. But in modern era, all forget the worth of it and also forget to smile. Today, I have asked to describe an occasion where everybody smiled or laughed. And I would like to talk about a time when I laughed too much and I must say I will never forget that time. Couple of months ago, I was in Mohali for my industrial training and here, I went to park in morning everyday where number of people came to walk, do some yoga, practicing Bhangra or other activities.

But, in one morning when I reached there, I saw all people were laughing, doing funny things, cracking jokes etc. Moreover, when I asked someone, what it is? Why they all  doing this? He told to me that they celebrate “Stress free day” and told me all the story behind it. When I was listening everything, I also started feeling their situation and started enjoying the moments. Describe an occasion where everybody smiled/laughed

Furthermore, all generations (senior citizens, youngsters or as well as children) were there. There were approximately 200 people have come. Children performed some activities such as craps, jokes, funny dress competition, memo-carry of Bollywood stars. The main of that activities was given a smile to everyone and it really worked. When 2 children play a role in some famous personality and crape a joke on each other. Everyone who suited in club laughed loudly. That time was the best time when I saw the whole member present there and they feel very relaxed and happy.


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