Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

Describe the advice you received on your subjects or work

  • Who advised you
  • What advice did he give?
  • Are you happy with the advice?

Sample Answer of Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

Currently, I am working in a 5-star hotel as a customer relationship manager, and today I am going to talk about a piece of advice which I got when I was an Intern, and at very initially I am not very much confident how to deal with customer and tackle them, and one day I was having a conversation with one guest who is very upset with services and am unable to convince him, all of sudden my instant manager reached and took control over the situation, and later he guided me the basics and advised me to improve your body language as well communication skill if you want to be a success in your field and also make a habit of listening to the customer first without interrupting them then only you will be able to understand him. So after that day, I followed the same sets of rules which I learned from my manager and now am happy to have a mentor like him, and whenever I am dealing with a customer, I discipline myself with my agendas.

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