Details of Politicians Private Lives Should Not Be Published in Newspapers

Details of Politicians private lives should not be published in newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Often, it is claimed that public leaders personal lives ought not to be printed in media. Upcoming segments are in complete favour of this ideology since it could cause severe health issues as well as deviates them from their original work.

To embark with, politicians lifestyles and relationships, nowadays, are in the spotlight everywhere. This unnecessary interruption in personal life leads to an abundance of medical problems. Many times, due to bouncing private matters in printed media, they suffered from anxiety, insomnia, panic attack and heart attack. For example, former Prime Minister of the UK, Mr Grove died due to heart attack when he saw the news in the newspaper about his extramarital relationship with his maidservant.

Another point to be considered is that politicians lose their concentration from primary jobs to be performed. Mostly, when such personal news is on fire, leaders try to resolve that and indulge in clarification instead of obeying the duties for which they are elected. In this way, they lose public interest as well as votes. For instance, in 2010 Mr Robert former prime minister of Finland gets defeated by 30% votes due to the fact that he was distracted from public campaigning.

In conclusion, Live free life is a fundamental right of every citizen. So, I argue that it is immoral to publish the public leaders’ public personal matter on print or social media since it triggers severe health concerns and disturbs them from conducting regular duties.

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