Discuss the Reasons Why More Young People Study Abroad than in Their Home Country

Discuss the Reasons Why More Young People Study Abroad than in Their Home Country.

Nowadays, more and more young people are interested in studying in foreign countries rather than in their home country. People have different reasons to study abroad. Some people think they can have high-quality education by studying in famous universities worldwide while others take it as an adventurous opportunity to see the world. This essay will discuss three common reasons why more young people study abroad to receive better educational opportunities, have better opportunities for future careers, and learn about different cultures and languages.

The young generation of the twenty-first century has become more ambitious and want to study abroad as studying in a developed country gives a chance to the students from developing nations to get a high-quality education. Some advanced courses such as nuclear energy or technologies might not be available for the students to study locally. Studying abroad makes the students access the course they are interested to learn. Studying abroad can give a privilege for young people to find out about the differences between the education systems of foreign and home countries. Moreover, it also offers many openings for students to study in the world’s most prestigious universities worldwide and receive internationally recognised degrees. It is generally accepted that people who study in foreign countries have fat chances to get better jobs and earn a higher income. Employers usually impress candidates who have a degree from a foreign country and assume that their experiences from studying abroad will largely contribute to their careers.

Studying abroad also can be seen as an adventurous experience as young people can see the world, meet people from different countries and learn different languages and cultures. On the other hand, it would be challenging to stay away from families and friends. Some people can have a cultural shock and find it difficult to communicate with people from different backgrounds. However, it can be seen as a great privilege to be independent, make friends and learn new things. It is the easiest way to learn a language and have exposure to different traditions and cultures.

To conclude, it is clear that more young people plan to study abroad rather than in their home country for various reasons. Some want to get better educational opportunities when others want to learn new languages and cultures. With the wide range of advantages of studying in foreign countries, it is no doubt that it will continue to be popular among young people in the future.

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