Doctors Recommend that Older People Exercise Regularly Writing Task 2 (3)

Doctors Recommend that Older People Exercise Regularly: Writing Task 2

Doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, however, not many of them have an exercise routine. Why do you think it is happening? How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

Doctors always suggest that adults should work out every day, but so many just avoid it because of a sedentary lifestyle and mental stress; however, it can be cured by implementing an awareness program.

First and foremost, in this contemporary era, technology has made people lazier in their daily lifestyle. Individuals are now continuously sitting in front of their electronic devices, and this may lead to less exercise per day. There are giving priority to their pending work rather than exercise. If a person has work pressure or career stress, they ignore workouts and do fun things using the latest system to get relief from it. To illustrate, in India, most of the citizens are dealing with obesity and diabetes, as they do not have a proper diet system and routine workout.

Furthermore, nowadays most citizens are fighting health diseases, so to tackle this, organising an event in which different types of exercise can be taught is the best way. Moreover, by this, people learn about the benefits of exercise, and they may be imposed in their daily life sessions. Apart from this, adding some fun activities makes a program special and enjoyable, and as a result, all get motivated to work out. For instance, In the USA, while in the covid pandemic, most Americans got bored in their house due to the online system, so the government started an online session of Zumba daily in the morning, where all family members take part and enjoy their further time.

To sum up, in these salad days, doctors are requesting that aged person for doing regular stretch out, but they may avoid it, as they cannot have a donkey work life and may have tension regarding their further income. Comparatively, there are measures to solve these problems: prepare a workout program.

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