Explain About a Phone App or A Computer Program that You Liked the Most.

Explain about a phone app or a computer program that you liked the most.

  • By whom did you get to know about this app?
  • Why did you like it most (describe the app and functionalities)?
  • Did you recommend it to anyone ever since you’ve downloaded it?

There are so many applications are available on my phone. Today, I would like to talk about the social application which I use most. The first one is that the WhatsApp application. This application I downloaded when I was in 10th standard. And this application was suggested by my friend. This application is generally used for chit-chat with friends and family.

I also download the update of the WhatsApp application. Now, they added the audio calling and video calling facilities which are very useful because they online require the net connection, not Talktime, and they don’t charge any single money. The application is really fast and convenient. 2 weeks ago, and I also sent my message to my brother who lives in Canada for work, the tame was took the message was about 2 seconds.

So, I also recommend it to my friends and family because of the great facilities and also I have experience with this app.

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