Government in Many Countries Has Recently Introduced Special Taxes

The government in many countries has recently introduced special taxes on foods and beverages with high sugar levels. Some think these taxes are a good idea, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It goes without saying that sugar products can cause serious health issues. While some feel that the authorities must not charge extra tax on sugary items, I, however, side with those who feel that they must keep doing it for the wellbeing of everyone.

On the one side, it could be argued that the government must not charge extra on the beverages as they are already paying hefty tax to them on their income. It means that many working professionals cite that they might feel stressed and cheated if they pay extra for their favourite dishes as they are already paying flat tax to them. In contrast, they argue that the government can initiate awareness programs rather than running them out of money in extra taxes. So, some feel that the government must not introduce a special tariff on sugary items.

On the other side, I strongly believe that the government must charge extra on sweeteners to keep their citizens healthy. This is because many people are getting obese these days by eating sweet dishes and following a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Take India, for example, where the officials are not taking tariffs on beverages with more sugar, leading to more diabetic patients than other neighbouring countries. Therefore, I think that the administration must increase the cost of the high level of sugary items by introducing tolls.

In conclusion, although it is undeniable that many people are already paying massive taxes to the officials, extra tax on sweet food options can make them annoyed; I believe that imposing extra charges can surely prevent them from being diabetic.

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