Happy to Spend Their Whole Life Living in the Same Area

Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area. Others prefer to live in many different places in their life time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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In this sophisticated world, living place plays a paramount role among individuals. There are distinct views regarding the site where people prefer to reside. Some folk love to spend their whole life in a single area. However, others deem that spend lifespan in different places is better. Thereby, before formulating the opinion, both the views will be explored below.


At the outset, many people prefer to live in one area due to their strong social bond. In this way, they can enhance their social adaptability. Consequently, this relationship helps them in arduous situations. Furthermore, when individuals reside in one place, they are emotionally attached to these places since their childhood nostalgic memories. It is also a daunting task to migrate to another place because it takes a lot of time to settle in another place. To illustrate, in India, most people live in extended families in their ancestral homes as they feel delighted residing in them.


On the flip side, people opt to migrate from one place to another as they are fascinated to learn and attain knowledge about different cultures and languages. In this way, it is beneficial for them to holistic evolvement. Moving further, when individuals explore several lands and mingle with new masses, they can get a lot of knowledge and culture. To cite an example, in this technology-driven world, in every field, it is mandatory to broaden the horizon because most companies opt for those employees who have exposure to every area.


To recapitulate briefly, both residing in the same place for a long time and frequently changing to other place have their significance. But I reckon that folks should explore the various locations as they can adapt to different weather conditions and enjoy nature’s aspects.

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