In Many Countries, People Now Wear Western-Style Dress Such as Suits

In many countries, people now wear western-style dress such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

It has become a ubiquitous nature of the people these days opting for foreign costumes rather than the traditional clothes of their domestic country. I think it is contributing to a negative development because due to the dominance of foreign clothing, people will eventually forgetting the relevance of the traditional clothing apart from that, Most of the foreign clothes are designed in accordance with their climatic conditions so Introducing seasonal foreign clothes into an entirely different climatic place is not a wishful notion—however, foreign clothes enhance comfortability and stability in people.

To embark with, the primary reason for this trend is considered globalisation. Evaporation of the border restrictions aid in the seamless transportation and export of foreign materials into varient countries. This made the increased availability of foreign clothing easy in the community. Moreover, the introduction of western movies and programmes into other countries people will alter their perception of people’s lifestyle choices. People will try new trends in accordance with the movie characters.

Firstly prevalence of foreign clothing over the locally producing is utterly unacceptable behaviour as such people will subsequently fail to recall the connection of traditional clothes to their motherland. Moreover, most of the clothes are seasonal, which only fit into their particular countries. For example, in India, cotton and linen materials are more suitable to the climate, whereas, in western countries, people always prefer to wear sweaters that are mostly made up of wool because the weather is mostly winter. Despite these arguments, foreign clothes provide a sort of comfortability and confidence while wearing them. Moreover, most people prefer to wear suits for interviews and formal meetings because it could appropriately express the body language person. Additionally, people can do different tasks in foreign clothes, whereas the traditional saree and churidar have some limitations to fulfilling their needs. For instance, and breastfeeding shirts are more convenient clothing for mothers than churidar.

In conclusion, acceptance of foreign clothing over traditional clothes could contribute a negative development because inhabitants seamlessly fail to remember the relevance of the traditional clothes and adapt to the comfortability provided the foreign clothing. Owing to that, balancing both traditional and foreign clothing would be an acceptable notion rather than completely replacing the domestic clothes.

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