In Some Countries 18 Is the Legal Age to Vote

In some countries, 18 is the legal age to vote, to drive and to marry, while it’s higher in some others. Do you think it’s the right age? Support your statement with relevant examples

In several nations, 18 is allowed perfect age by the government for a vote for the drive as well as for marriage. However, in some other countries, it is higher than 18. In my opinion, this is a good age to do these activities. There are many reasons behind this which I will explain in my upcoming paragraphs.

First and foremost, at the age of eighteen, youngsters can take their responsibilities, and their mind is developed for gaining knowledge. To say it, at the age of above seventeen, they are able to give their vote because they know the differences in right and wrong as well as good and bad because they discuss their opinions and facts with their peers and with their parents and teachers.

Moreover, in many nations at the age of 18 government provides the driving licence after the driving test because this is good because they are not totally dependent on their parents for school and college. To justify, over time, teenager’s study is difficult, and they need extract tuitions. If they have a driving licence and their vehicle, then they are independent and drive by themselves.

Apart from this, eighteen is the appropriate age for learning new skills and gain knowledge about different things which are beneficial for their future. Although at this age, according to the law, although they get married at this age, if they prefer to their work and study, they become more successful in their life. Lastly, in this age period, masses are more energetic and pay more attention to do any work with full hard work and achieve every goal in their life.

In conclusion, it is clear from the above discussion that eighteen is the perfect age which the government sets to do these activities because masses have a mind to gain a piece of knowledge with full of energy.

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