In Some Countries, People Spend Long Hours at Work.

In some countries, people spend long hours at work. Why does this happen? Is it a positive or negative development? You should write at least 250 words.

To forget something important is a common habit and may be listed under a common human error. I am sharing an occasion when I forgot my passport at the hotel.

The last year at the end of my business tour in the UAE, I was preparing for checkout and departing for the airport so that I could catch the flight on time. Quite suddenly, I remembered promising my wife to bring a neckless. Now, to fulfil the commitment, I had to rush to the Gold market and, after that, to the airport. I provided that I wasn’t left with enough time.

So, I skipped many things that were unnecessary and left the hotel within a few minutes. Getting a splendid piece of fortune, I got engaged with a taxi driver who promised to get both the jobs done. As he was well aware of the roads and shortcuts, he made it possible to reach a Gold market with half of my estimated time and, after that, to the airport. I was very much happy and gave some extra tips to the kind and proficient taxi driver and rushed to the immigration counter. Eventually, I took out my documents to show at the counter. That was the only time I realized that the passport was left behind at the study table of the hotel room.

In the state of disbelief, I was quite sure that nothing could help me to catch the flight, as going back to the hotel and returning before the check-in closes were not practically possible. However, after having another thought, I called the hotel staff, and after knowing the miserable situation, they were ready to help and arranged for a driver to send the papers to the airport. I always remain thankful to the taxi driver and the hotel staff; without their help, I would have been in a big limbo.

Now onwards, I always keep my travel documents ahead of everything and developed a habit of re-checking again and again to avoid such situations.

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