It Will Be Better for Society and Individuals if Driverless Cars Are Widely Used

It will be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Nowadays people are more convenient to use modern technology, and most proportion of people like to travel in vehicles which are fully automatic and there is no need for a driver. This type of ideology had both bad and good influences. I will elaborate on my views in the coming paragraph.

These automatic cars are widely adopted by more and more people because of their comfort level and for their features. However, these cars are really better than manual transmission cars because they reach their maximum speed in just a few minutes, and they provide more safety measures to their passengers. The best thing is that it can be easily accessible to all types of people, for instance, old people had difficultly driving vehicles due to low vision, these automatic cars made their way easier and now they can travel to any part of their area where they wanted to be. Furthermore, the owner of these cars has created opportunities for some children as well who don’t know how to drive.

On the contrary, there are a few cons of following this trend. First of all these cars will cost you thousands of dollars which is above the reach of an average person. Secondly, in a few cases, these cars met with an accident due to technical fault in the engine which takes away the lives of so many people. The last but not least, these cars have taken more energy consumption which also cost you more money as compared to manual transmission cars.

To conclude, I would say the disadvantage of using driverless cars outweighs the advantages because the life of people is an invaluable thing and a driver can able control vehicle easily in extreme climatic conditions or in sudden actions.

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