It’s Expected that the Proportion of Older People Is Higher than Younger People

In the future, it’s expected that the proportion of older people is higher than younger people… Its positive or negative development.

Due to advanced medicines, it is assumed that percentage of oldsters will be maximum than the younger ones. In my perspective, it is a negative development, as unemployment will increase, more burden on a family and a government.

First off, medical technology has enhanced the life-spam of the grey population. This increasing trend has created a lot of obstacles for young minds. Firstly, youngsters will remain unemployed due to a lack of jobs. Oldsters will not leave their job, and even after their retirement, they are expected to work at the same place but with reduced salaries. So, youth do not get an opportunity to work and exhibit their talent. For instance, in many firms, the position of an accountant or CEO is occupied by the staff, who had been working in a company for many years. So, they are not replaced with the candidate who has no prior experience. Thus, youngster’s radical ideas or innovative techniques remain useless, and there are more chances of killing their ingenuity.

In addition, aged people can become a burden on their families to fulfil their basic needs. Although, it does not happen with the working senior citizens, but mostly with those who have no source of earning. Thus they are mistreated and considered a burden on their family. Also, they remain a burden on the government for financial assistance. Government has other responsibilities to perform. So, giving pensions to Oldsters only enhance the expenditure of a government. Apart from it, medical expenses add fuel to the fire in making any government bankrupt because the majority of the money is spent on nursing homes pensions as well as to treat them in hospitals.

To conclude, in consideration of the above-mentioned analysis, it is ostensible that a higher percentage of aged people in the foreseeable future will enhance their troubles. They will depend on the mercy of their children for meeting their rudimentary requirements as well as governments large share of the money is spent on them and other sectors like education, skilled work, are ignored due to lack of finances and unemployment among youngsters, will not let them display their talent to secure a job in any company.

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