Many Adults Nowadays Prefer Spending Their Free Time Playing Computer Games

Many adults nowadays prefer spending their free time playing computer games. Why do they do this? Is this a positive or negative development?

Indeed, the majority of people are mostly attracted to unhealthy eating habits as well as does not have an active lifestyle which in turn results in detrimental effects on the body. This essay will discuss the reason behind obtaining such habituate and also state what alterations we should make to stay a healthy life.

A well-balanced diet is required for the body. However, it is replaced by fast food as well as pre-prepared food, which contains an excessive amount of salt, fat, and sugar. This leads to a variety of health concerns through the consumption of improper diet. Moreover, due to long working hours, people mostly prefer processed food which is inexpensive to purchase and quite simple to prepare. Additionally, the fast pace of life and fast technological advancements force us to live sedentary life which is a tendency to sit and work for long hours and does involve any physical exercise.

With the concerns of these facts, it is mandatory to make some transformations in our daily routine, for instance, including exercises such as jogging, running, dancing, or a brisk walk. Apart from this, reduce the fast food intake instead have a healthy meal three times a day which includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, and also, have 8 hours of sleep which will keep you active during the days.

Nonetheless, taking less stress and spending time with the family improves mental health.

To conclude, having such a lifestyle is difficult due to work pressure but again it’s also very crucial to follow as it influences the body and also deteriorates the health condition which affects the quality of life.

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