Many Believe that It Is Important to Protect All Wild Animals, While Others Think that It Is Important to Protect Some, Not All of Them

Many believe that it is important to protect all wild animals, while others think that it is important to protect some, not all of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Colonization across the world, in this modern era, is affecting the ecosystem. Numerous individuals are of the view that every animal species needs protection by citizens and government, while others have a different point of view that there are few animals outside who require safety. This essay will examine both points of argument.

The first and foremost reason for taking precautions against animals is to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. To exemplify this point, the ecosystem has three main factors for bio-cycle, which is omnivorous, herbivorous and carnivorous; it is indispensable to keep this cycle going. In addition, the animals are part of these three systems; if security has not been provided to them, it may be possible that the environment would be affected. Secondly, there are many requirements of various species in the biological and medical fields. In this period, many animals are helpful to researchers and interns for finding new medicines as well as modern treatment. For instance, last year, the medical and research department (TMRD) reported that 80% of the drugs were made from miscellaneous animals. Despite this reason, some animals are being hunted by people. Therefore, all animals should receive their protection.

On the other hand, some individuals have thought that not every but some creatures could be dangerous for human beings. There are various cases outside which give evidence regarding wild animals and how they are fatal for people. For example, many pieces of news are published in magazines and newspapers about animal strikes. Following this, in this expensive world government cannot spend much money on animal security as other sectors have to require it, which is most important. Another fact is that the extinction of animals is part of their lifecycle. Thus, government and people cannot secure all animals; some of them have to go extinct.

Having discussed both standpoints, undoubtedly, I believe that although some creatures are dangerous, all species have the same rights as humans do and have many advantages in saving them.

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