Many People Believe in the Idea of School Children Wearing a School Uniform

Many people believe in the idea of school children wearing a school uniform, but should teachers as well be required to conform to a dress code? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Nowadays, so many argue that schools must be set up a dress code for pupils as well as for teachers. It maintains equality among all people in the school. In this essay,, I would like to describe both issues.

Every school in the university should have a school uniform. It does not show any discrimination or segregation towards the child. However, every student did not come from rich background to buy vivid modern dresses daily. Consequently, it would be a great chance for such type of pupils. For instance, in recent schools to avoid segregation, school management set a uniform dress code for all the children in this way, they teach them that how to be a friend with each other without any differences like religion or kind of their status.

On the other hand, pupils can concentrate on their studies when their teachers are also in uniform dress .moreover, they can learn from them. For example, if a teachers dresses up like a celebrity, even children only talk about their dress sense, especially girls, because they are easily attracted to tradition. However, it shows equality among teachers. Additionally, some teachers are not from wealthy backgrounds, and they do not want to hesitate when they are compared with other teachers in the sense of dress. So it would be the best idea to set up a dress code for teachers as well as children’s.

In conclusion, it creates equality and does not separate by race or religion. It is a good thought to conduct a dress code for pupils and tutors. I believe in the benefits in terms of dress code for both management and students.

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