More and More Businesses, as Well as Individuals, Are Choosing

More and more businesses, as well as individuals, are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than being face to face Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for communicating

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Many companies, people are favoring communication through digital technology rather than traditional methods. I believe utilizing modern and advanced electronic technology is the way of living in the contemporary world. Firstly this essay shall discuss how communication becomes zip and responsive due to technology, secondly, it will explain the downsides of this development.


Since the introduction of break-neck spreading modern technology, we all are feeling like living in a different world as compared to past days, where everything was slow and unproven. These days, building a good conversation is very common through wireless equipment such as cell phones, the internet, and many more. Individual business personalities believe they can have access to any corner of the world where they can start dialing numbers and build a business, which was quite restricted in the old days. In addition, relations between overseas students and their parents are becoming respectful as parents can at least assure that their offspring are safe and studying well enough. Thus, socializing over the telephones or utilizing internet technology is really a blessing for many people.


On the other hand, it is discussed by some that technological communication is deteriorating because of less skill and ability to make a conversation in person.  For instance, the current generation is very offensive when it comes to their social lives. In the old days, our grandparents and parents used to be together under a roof and spend quality time with each other, which is really missing by current youth. However, many scams and privacy concerns arise due to the development of this techno craft. For example, Facebook is the global platform to connect any people from any country but the company is stealing the privacy data of individual users. Therefore, the old method of communication is still viable and encouraged by many.


To conclude, we should utilize all the methods of developing technology to make our life easy and smooth, and keep ourselves updated with wise decisions.

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