Most Major Cities Around the World Continue to Grow at A Phenomenal Rate Due to The Massive Increase in Population

Most Major Cities Around the World Continue to Grow at A Phenomenal Rate Due to The Massive Increase in Population

Most major cities around the world continue to grow at a phenomenal rate due to the massive increase in population. This has led to a general decline in the quality of life in city areas as the environment becomes more crowded and polluted. Give some reasons why this growth has occurred and suggest some practical solutions to this problem.

It is irrefutable, and Over the past years, overpopulation has been a major concern for many developing countries. As a result, many consequences have been faced by the nation, like degradation of environment or depletion of natural resources and being faced poverty. In my opinion, there are ample reasons behind this problem that can be put down, and we shall discuss how to tackle this issue in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Firstly, the principal reason for the significant increment in the population is the unbalanced ratio of birth and death rate. To clarify this point, in this technological era, there are lots of advanced treatments that have been available in the medical field, which is lead to a decline in the death percentage. At the same time, advancements in fertility treatment have allowed women to overcome pregnancy problems. For instance, according to the report of the world health organisation(who), the death rate has been declined from 60 % to 40%. As a result, the population is increased by 25 %. Secondly, immigration is one of the factors that were soaring the number of people in particular areas or countries. In the last few decades, in order to education and job purpose, people have been shifted to other states or counties.

However, some solution is there to control the overpopulation. The first and foremost is that the government should enforce a one-child policy. If any parents want second or more children, in that case, the whole responsibility of child should be taken by them, and they should not have access to use government facilities such as government jobs, free public transport. For example, developed countries have already implemented laws about birth control. Thus, the population is under control even if they have been developed in the biomedical field. The other effective way to tackle this problem is that the couple to get to know about family planning and have education about birth control. So. they can understand what difficulties they could have to face in future, such as financial crisis. In addition, women should not be pressurised by anyone.

To recapitulate, having disputed causes and solutions, I believe that overpopulation should not be granted as it is harmful to individuals as well as the nation despite having some means to control the population.

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