Names & Birthdays IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Names & Birthdays IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Names & Birthdays IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer.

Question 1:- Does your name have any special meaning?

Answer – Yes, my name has a very special meaning. It is a family name that carries the meaning of ‘a a Warrior’. Our forefathers were Warriors who fought several battles before settling down, and that made us bear the name from their generation to ours.

Question 2:- Is your surname very common in India?

Answer – My surname is not very common in my country. It only belongs to my tribe, and when the name is mentioned, people know the bearer is from our tribe.

Question 3:- Do you like your name?

Answer – I so much like my name because it is unique, and it carries the aura of a Warrior. I just like the uniqueness.

Question 4:- Would you like to change your name?

Answer – Well, I wouldn’t like to change my name. I know there is a possibility of me changing the name when I get married, but I’m actually thinking of combining the name instead of changing it because I like the name so much. I feel it will just be a waste if I change the name that way but instead, I might just combine it and bear both my name and my spouse’s name together.

Question 5:- Do people in India ever change their names?

Answer – Yes, people in my country do change their names, especially when there is a significant encounter they experience. An example is if someone who comes from a family of Idol worshipers eventually becomes a Christian, such person tends to change the name from that of the family, which connotes Idol worshiping to worshiping God. People do change their names on special occasions like that.

Question 6:- What name do people at home (your family members) call you?

Answer – My family members call me “opeyemi,” which means”I’m meant to thank God” simply because of the various circumstances that surround my birth. My father wasn’t around when I was born, and it was only my mum who was at home and had to go through the whole process. Also, there was no other person who could help around despite being a first-time Mum. God helped her out, and that made her give me that name, so everybody called me that at home.

Question 7:- How do children celebrate birthdays in your country?

Answer – Children in my country celebrate birthdays with their friends, bake cakes and they usually have a small get-together party. So the celebrants invite his/her friend, and they come to celebrate the occasion with him or her so they do little fun games, dancing, they eat various foods and give birthday gifts to the celebrant.

Question 8:- How did you celebrate your last birthday?

Answer – I didn’t do much on my last birthday because I happened to be on duty so I only made a little cake and I carried it to work. I took pictures together with my friends and colleagues at work, and we all ate the cake and took drinks with it, and that was all.

Question 9:- What kinds of birthday gifts do you like to receive?

Answer – I am not the type that is selective with a gift. I accept anything anybody gives me because I believe it comes from the heart of the person and how buoyant and whatever the person can afford at a point. So I don’t select; I don’t have a specific type of gift. I receive anything I’m being given to, and I take them with joy and with thanksgiving.

Question 10:- Is there a difference between the way you celebrated your birthday in the past and the present?

Answer – Well, in the past, I used to love to throw parties, invite people and make it an elaborate celebration, but recently I’ve decided to go solo. I don’t really do much of that flamboyant parties again. I prefer to just take pictures, treat myself to good food or go for a picnic and just do something different compared to what I’ve been doing in the past.

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