Nowadays Many Mothers Take Care of The Family and Don’t Go out To Work

Nowadays, many mothers take care of the family and don’t go out to work. Some people believe they should be given salaries by the government. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the contemporary world, most females take the responsibility to take care of their family members rather than opting for a job outside the home. Some people have the opinion that they should be paid by the higher legislative assemblies. That’s true, but somehow I think it will lead to a certain imbalance in the economic sector of any global country. This essay will give a final opinion after considering the statement.

There is ample, powerful and almost daily advantage the unemployment has proliferated from the last decade. Due to the fact, if the government gives a certain amount of money from their pocket, this will lead to detrimental effects on the world’s economy. Instead of that, they should invest the money in building infrastructure so that it would be helpful for the younger individuals who need jobs to show their potential. Moreover, Higher legislative assemblies should take the initiative to provide an equal amount of resources in the agriculture sector that will plummet the starvation effect from this global world.

On the other hand, after getting married, women can manage their present life while serving their family as well as managing the occupation in a decent way. For example, well-educated women do not stop working outside even after becoming a parent as it is a hobby of theirs and also help the household financially. This will lead them to be solely dependent on themselves and could bear the consequences if some mishap happens in the family. So, it can be easily understood that women could manage the equilibrium of both families as well as the outside world.

Lastly, I disagree that women did not go out for work just for the sake of managing the responsibility of the family. However, the government should encourage women to get out of their homes or to take some initiative rather than giving money to them.

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