Nowadays Many People Are Following an Unhealthy Diet and No Exercise

Nowadays, many people are following an unhealthy diet and no exercise. Why do you think is this happening? How can this situation be corrected?

Food and exercise are the most vital parts of the human healthy life cycle. There are different reasons for not having a healthy diet and lack of daily fitness activities, affecting their fitness. In this essay, we discuss some of the reasons related to unhealthy eating practices and no exercise and take into account various possible remedies that help people keep fit and active.

There are many reasons for taking unhealthy food; some of them are lack of time, availability and accessibility of food, cost of items, stressful life and unawareness about healthy options. The most common one on which we discuss insufficient time and lack of knowledge regarding healthy foods is from these. Due to hectic working life, people do not have sufficient time to prepare and eat healthy food. Thus, they have to eat that sustains them for the day. Proper information about healthy food is not available, which creates confusion around daily eating plan and cause of many sabotage effect on the body.

Many health-conscious organizations engage with awareness activities like seminars, exhibitions related to fitness and motivate people to active routine to keep happy and healthy. Some government bodies also organize marathons, cycling competitions, yoga for encouraging their citizen to stay fit. The active routine always helps people to be fit and keep them away from many diseases. Restaurants should provide some concessions for healthy food eaters.

In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons for not working out and keep yourself away from healthy foods. Still, surely activities conducted by the government and other social bodies will definitely help people be active and improve their own routine of food and activity.

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