Nowadays More People Are Travelling to Other Countries

Nowadays More People Are Travelling to Other Countries

Nowadays more people are travelling to other countries. Why is this happening? Is it a negative or positive development?

Over the last few decades, a large number of people have travelled overseas for various purposes such as education, employment opportunities, business etc. This essay attempts to look into the causes of this trend and arrive at a conclusion that if it is a positive or negative development.

To begin with, the current generation travels to other nations to explore other cultures and traditions of the host country. Also, they travel to such countries to visit the tourist hotspots as it is a dream of many to experience the view of such nations once in a lifetime. For instance, travelling to foreign nations is on most people’s bucket lists. Another reason for this trend is that people need to rejuvenate their minds from their busy and hectic schedules. Hence visiting different countries adds a positive impact and a new experience to their life.

From an economic and social perspective, travelling to foreign places is a positive development inasmuch as it enhances the relationship with other countries and generates employment opportunities in the latter countries. For instance, when people go to different countries, they need to spend money on accommodation, food, and visiting the country’s major attractions. Hence, it helps the local people to earn income as they provide tourism services to the visitors. Furthermore, visiting other nations helps people clarify many myths about the host countries. Therefore they are more likely to respect the people and the customs of the countries they explore.

To conclude, travelling by people to foreign nations is a positive development as it strengthens the tourism industry of the host nations and supports the local community. Also, people visit overseas countries for various reasons such as exploring new places and getting a break from their monotonous life.

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