Nowadays the Eating Habits of People Around the World Are Changing: Writing Task 2

Nowadays the eating habits of people around the world are changing, causing them many health problems, including obesity. Why do people tend to eat so badly? What can be done to improve their eating habits?

Food-related conditions such as being overweight have been a global problem in recent years, and this is due to evolving feeding patterns of individuals. This is a result of busy lifestyles. However, individuals can be taught how to buy and prepare healthy food in a short period of time.

While most people have tight schedules due to work or study, they tend to have less time to buy and prepare food. This results in them buying fast foods that are high in salt, fat, and sugar. For example, when my friend was due for her examinations, she used to buy fried chicken takeouts and fizzy drinks because she didn’t have time between school and work.

However, information can be given on purchasing ingredients and cooking nutritious food in the least amount of time. This can be done by giving talks at workplaces and schools by professionals on how to prepare healthy food in advance and how to store it. There could be shows on television on how to eat healthy despite busy lifestyles, handing out flyers with simple healthy recipes. For example, a salad can be eaten as a meal if there are proper combinations of all food groups and they don’t take long to make and prepare meals in advance, storing them properly and reheating when needed.

While our food choices are ever-changing due to the pressures of life, it is possible to eat healthily and prevent diseases associated with our bad dietary choices.

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