People Buy Good Products that Work, Therefore, Advertising Is Unnecessary

People buy good products that work, therefore, advertising is unnecessary and is no more than a form of entertainment. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In this competitive era, individuals purchase only those things of great quality and meet their requirements in their daily life. Therefore masses reckon that advertisements are no longer needed and are just a source of entertainment. I disagree with this notion and will elaborate in upcoming paragraphs.

To embark, advertisement helps people know about their new products and influence them. Firstly, if companies advertise their product, the customer can come to know about their newly launched item as they give information about its feature and tell them how to use that product. For example, Lux, an international cosmetic brand, has millions of consumers but continues to broadcast its products in every possible medium to stay in its position.

Furthermore, commercial services for the institution influence the consumer to purchase goods because there is a huge competition among the competitors and several high-quality products are available for sale. To boost sales, advertisements are essential. Meanwhile, any company e advertises for their brand convenience the people to buy their products through advertisement. For example, in India, there are two big brands, namely Bajaj company and Hero Honda, which manufacture motorbikes and the products of these bands are equal options.

To put it in a nutshell, I Pen down saying that despite most people saying that Well accepted products do not need any advertisement, according to my perspective, the stain in the platform and letting people know about the recent development advertisement is important.

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