People Who Read for Pleasure Develop Their Imagination More

It is believed that people who read for pleasure develop their imagination more and acquire better language skills compared to people who prefer watching television. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

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Well, imagination power is good and natural ability of human beings to develop different kinds of skills. Some folk asserts that books are helpful for improving


imagination and language skills. While others oppose this view and reckon that television has as much coverage of knowledge as books. The upcoming paragraphs shed light upon various ideas and examples along which my partial agreement view.

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To commence with, reading is a very old method to widen the horizon of knowledge. It makes the masses imagine and create a mental picture in mind and have the freedom to control the movements while visualizing the characters in the book. Reading makes people’s brains sharper and have a chance to creative. A book usually gives a lot of descriptions of people, places, and things in a story, so folk can create pictures in mind. In addition to this, the conversation between people is often written with details that describe how people think or feel when they are talking. When people read folk use a lot of imagination to help see the characters in the story.


On the other hand, T.V. helps people to the extent of their range of interests. People can find out many new things and make existing discoveries for themselves. Moreover, these practicals benefits, television improves children vocabulary, their memory, and gives them the opportunity to gain knowledge. In this modern era, children must learn faster and use all contemporary technology in order to succeed. Television can teach us important values and lessons of life.


To sum up, I believe that television gives all people the opportunity to learn what they cannot from books. So people say that TV also improves our imagination power. We can learn a lot of stuff by watching television.

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