Schools Should Not Force Children to Learn a Foreign Language

Schools Should Not Force Children to Learn a Foreign Language

Schools should not force children to learn a foreign language, because some students don’t have a natural ability for languages. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Since the proliferation of western culture, it is significant to learn a foreign language. Those who assert that many pupils cannot learn a foreign language, so that constitutes should not force them to study it. My inclination falls with this argument, and I will discuss related aspects before giving my opinion.

To begin with, why do some say that children must not be studied forcefully? First and foremost, pupils are at the age of play hood, and their mind is innocent. As a result, they can not be able to learn any kind of curriculum in an easy way, and they may distract in their time. Another negative aspect is the surrounding atmosphere. In other words, students speak their native language where they live. Consequently, many innocent minds can not afford another language at their residence. For instance, a child who lives in Gujarat states and the school wants to study any other languages like Hindi or Punjabi, he/she may not speak optional languages very well due to heavy vocabulary and grammar that contains lots of time to learn.

Furthermore, learning a second language becomes a destruction to other subjects. Generally, students feel that kinds of studies are very boring and pressured. Therefore, they may not understand the proper language that concludes other educational and non-educational studies. They become dull in parts of curriculum subjects without showing their interest in it.

On the other hand, overseas language has ample benefits. Firstly, if students have learned a new language, it may help them make their future. Moreover, many pupils can get a chance to work in international companies after Understanding a foreign language. It is very easy for them to communicate in business organisations.

In conclusion, although a foreign language is beneficial for children to survive all over the world by getting the opportunity to work in business organisations, students have negative impacts of understanding another language without showing interest and getting boring as well as surrounding atmosphere can’t deal them to learn very easily and without pressure.

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