Shopping Is the Favourite Free Time Activity for Many Young People Today

Shopping is the favourite free time activity for many young people today. Why do you think this has happened? Should young people be encouraged to do different activities in their free time rather than shopping? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

In the modern era, shopping is becoming a burning issue, especially for youngsters and they give more preference to shopping rather than other activities when they are free. There are a number of reasons that are accountable for boosting this trend. However, I want to suggest to the young generation from my point of view that they should do any other activities in their free time instead of wasting a lot of time on procuring new things.

To begin with, there is a number of reasons present which always force them for shopping. The first and foremost reason is the presence of new attractive items in the market. To elaborate it, when people go outside from their home, they are coming in the linkage of different types of items or things which are looks like so beautiful such as these can unique in shapes or colours etcetera. It is saying possible that these have the capability to attract a large number of people. As a result, people always enforce to spend a lot of money on those. Secondly, enhancing the trend of big marriages or parties is another striking reason which is accountable for shopping because, in the modern era, the trend of big marriages or parties is increasing day by day. People give preference to different clothes for different occasions. For instance, if people attend one party with one dress, then they always buy a new dress for the next party. The big notion behind this is that they think that if they wear the same dress on two occasions, then their reputation can be down, which is the big issue for shopping. Hence, increasing the trend of parties or marriages is directly proportional to shopping.

On the other hand, teenagers should give more priority to other activities in their free time rather than shopping. A large number of benefits can be seen by utilising the time of shopping in other activities. First and foremost is that they have an opportunity to spend a lot of time with their family members. To explicate it, in a busy life, people are only limited with their jobs, and nothing is seen to you without their work. So, they can not be able to fulfil the daily requirements of their families. As a result, If they utilise the shopping with family, then it is enough for making strong bonding between them, and they can easily take care of their family members. Secondly, teenagers should do participate in any type of game which is beneficial for them because sports help them to develop their body skills and also enhance mental ability. For instance, people who belong to sports are secure from health diseases. Hence, that time which they are wasted on shopping, it can be a golden time for them if they utilise in sports.

To conclude, it is clear from the above details that youngsters always gives a preference to shopping in their free time that the presence of attracting items in the market and boosting the trend of big marriages are accountable factors. For Youngsters, it proves very beneficial if they utilise this time in other activities like they have an opportunity to spend that time with family members, and also they acquire good health through sports.

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