Some Believe that Only People with More Years in A Company Must Get Promotions (6) (1)

Some Believe that Only People with More Years in A Company Must Get Promotions

Some believe that only people with more years in a company must get promotions. What is your opinion?

Few of the population expect that employees with greater stand back years in a company should be promoted. Here, in my opinion, politics plays a critical role in employee promotion which indirectly harms the juniors. Instead, it is partiality with the other talented people who invest the same amount of effort and time for expected output.

First of all, employees with high experience expect more from the company as they believe they are well known to the company cultures which ultimately results in promotion as it scales up the salary and position in a company and If these expectations are not matched, then it may affect a company adversely in terms of loss of good employee or inferior outputs. Most of the term promotion as the reputation in a company while some of them just need promotion to relax back and target co-workers. Also, some of them take advantage of their seniority and suppress the juniors, which can make their career growth stagnant.

Second of all, very few companies have now designed the policy of promotion on the basis of employees working graph. On a monthly basis, the work of all the employees is tracked with the specified criteria and then listed accordingly, which also helps the manager to promote specific employees. This approach helps companies to take the highest leap as well as encourage workers to work to their fullest.

To sum up, in the near future, the perspective of most people with respect to the promotion will change, and the individual with high performance will be rated good and promoted, which he/she deserves to be.

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