Some Believe That People Will Buy a Product Based on Their Needs

Some believe that people will buy a product based on their needs, and there is no need for advertising. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the essay?

Nowadays, we are flooded with a lot of advertisements. A faction of the population, undeniably, worldwide, holds the notion that products are purchased based on customers’ needs rather than following an unnecessary advertisement. This essay follows the given statement as there are manifolds with the reason to substantiate it.

First and foremost, the masses are in the clutches of junk food which contains a high amount of unsaturated fats and chemicals preservatives. So the advertisement popularity of junk food such as chips, Kentucky fried chicken, Mc Donalds, and so on leads to buying that particular eatable product. Owing to this habit of unwanted advertisements. Besides, advertisements are more influencing not only for adults but also for children. With the catchy jungle, a child could easily remember what product they want to buy attract from this, and the parents may be compelled to buy particular things—for instance, toys and biscuits. In addition, for the companies, tantrums would perform in the case of offers. These offer advertisements entice customers who tend to buy the product, which greatly affects being deceptive.

Furthermore, the advertisement industry is a gargantuan money-making industry. As a result, they appeared everywhere. Clearly, it makes a product more attractive. To cite an example, viewers are easily convinced of testimonial ads, social media ads,radio-podcast advertisements, etc. Nevertheless, although customers could have to get more information about the new trend of product, excessive consumption of those food advertisements becomes questionable to what to choose and what to eat, which might lead to buying an unnecessary product with these advertisements.

In short, with the help of advertisements, consumers could learn about new tren of various products. Still, with the help of advertisement, the populace fetter in the junk food, advertising more influencing children, and so on. Ergo I strongly propound that if a customer could easily buy a product without the advertisement.

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