Some Countries Have Introduced Laws to Limit Working Hours for Employees

Some Countries Have Introduced Laws to Limit Working Hours

Some countries have introduced laws to limit working hours for employees. Why are these laws introduced? Do you think they are a positive or negative development?

In recent years, work-life balance has become a hot topic for discussion across the globe. Certain nations have implemented a policy for the fix office timings because working professionals were becoming more stressed due to long working hours, ultimately affecting their productivity. I completely support this notion because of numerous advantages.

It cannot be denied that citizens in any nook and corner of the world have become busier than ever before because of the fast and competitive world. As a result, such people work for extended hours, sacrificing their family time and health. Therefore, many lawmakers, considering increased health problems amongst employees, have imposed a strict law for the limited or flexible working hours to give them quality time. Apart from this, legislators also want employees to spend some time with their friends and relatives for their mental relaxation. In this way, authorities are helping workers maintain their health, but it is eventually making the entire country stress and disease-free. Moreover, healthy and productive people, especially for the developing nations, would only help to boost the economy. Germany, for instance, has introduced a policy where the employers are liable to pay five times more, for an extra working hour, to their employees and results are amazing. Hence, many authorities have introduced such curbs.

These laws are, undoubtedly, futuristic, and I have an optimistic approach towards the same. Firstly, working professionals, especially computer designers or developers, tend to live a sedentary lifestyle due to which many of them are suffering from life-threatening diseases, such as asthma, hypertension. These kinds of laws can help them to start living a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, with the help of this brilliant law, they can have some spare time to play with their children or pay a visit to a friend. In addition, governments could attract more immigrants to fulfil the shortage of professionals in their nations. Thus, such employee-friendly laws could be advantageous in many other ways.

To conclude, the above composition discussed reasons for introducing the limited working hours’ law and its benefits, ultimately helping the entire humankind.

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