Some People Say that We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events

Some people say that we are spending too much money on personal events such as weddings and birthdays. Why is it important to celebrate these events? Do you think we are spending too much money?

In our society, we have discussed a lot of time regarding, and some people are doing more expenses on their personal functions like Marriage, House warming, birthday function, etc. I personally feel that we must celebrate each occasion rather than thinking about spending. I don’t think about money while celebrating any functions, and I feel it is unnecessary to do so.

It is a myth created by our surroundings saying that we are not supposed to spend more money on any of the functions, which I totally disagree with. As an individual, the spending power varies from person to person. Commonly we cannot say the spending is more. There is a famous quote by an unsung person viz, “ LIVE THE MOMENT”, meaning we should enjoy the momentum instead of thinking about expenses.

For example, Marriage is an essential function in everyone life which occur only once, and many people definitely do more expense on that day which they have to do. The major expenses are video coverage and photos. Here the spending money will bring you the unforgettable moments of your life in the form of CDs and Photos. We are creating a memory here which will last forever and ever.

To conclude this, In life much necessary thing is being happy; if spending money on important events will get you happiness, then it is not an expense; it is again. In our society, people will never stop talking about others. Don’t think about anything; live the moment.

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