Some People Think It Is Better for Children to Have Many Short Holidays

Some people think it is better for children to have many short holidays during the year. Others believe it would be beneficial to have fewer, longer vacations. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Undoubtedly, holidays are a thing of joy, especially for children. It is a time to let loose, have fun and indulge in other extra-curricular activities. So. while some people believe many short holidays are better for children, others believe that fewer and longer ones are beneficial.

Having short holidays during the year can be highly beneficial, and here is why. Children, as we all know, tend to get easily distracted. Depending on their age, their attention span can be quite short. Hence the need for a break or any other activity that is not school-related. A whole three months of school activities can easily take a toll on them, from waking up very early in the morning to catching the bus coming back after school only to get drenched in homework, mid-term papers, and projects. All these and lots more need frequent breaks in between; if not, the children might begin to lose interest in school activities altogether. However, this might be inconvenient for parents whose got work and can not be around their children all the time.

On the other hand, looking at it from the perspective of guardians and parents, one would understand the need for fewer but longer vacations. Although this is also beneficial to the children, I think the ones who will benefit more will be the parents/Guardians. A working parent does not have the luxury of time to always be around the children but can plan toward long vacations either by sending them off to holiday camps or even family vacations at fixed times. They can also use their long holidays to learn a skill, get a

In my opinion, I believe longer vacations are better. It is a win-win situation for both parents and children whether they wish to spend it together on vacations as a family or spend it at holiday camps.

In conclusion, while some people believe in the short but frequent ones and others in the few but long ones, holidays are of utmost benefit to the children for them to relax and bond with family.

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